It’s Ours

This is going to be great!


It’s ours.  We have the keys in hand.  It’s parked in our driveway. We can officially walk in and out of it as many times as we want. We can finally decide how we want it organized and start filling it with our stuff.  Bonus we can get all of the stuff from the old camper out of the family room and basement.


Once we got it home the big question was where to put the pots and pans and where to put the garbage and broom. After a little thought and moving things around everything was put into a place (with a few cupboards and drawers still empty.)  Can’t promise it will stay where it currently is after the first couple trips but the great thing is there is a lot of room for error and switching where things are placed.

There is a ton of storage.  Really, I put…

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