Why we upgraded AGAIN



Last summer after we took our annual family camping trip we decided that we had outgrown the $500 pop up we had been using for the last 5 years.  It worked ok when the kids were smaller, didn’t each need 2 bags of clothes a bag of shoes, toy bags, electronic devices, portable DVD players, countless numbers of DVDs and a bathroom bag.  Oh and don’t forget the friend they want to bring and all of the friends stuff. We purchased a 25′ travel trailer with a queen bed in the main bedroom, 2 full size bunks, a couch and table that both converted into beds and best of all a bathroom.  With the new camper camping sounded fun again and we ended up going 5 times between the end of July and October.


Its a great camper.  Double bunks for the kids, a bedroom for us, a bathroom with…

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